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Why Galileo?

Together with the American GPS, the Russian Glonass and other future newcomers, Galileo will provide more precise and reliable positioning and timing signals to citizens in Europe and around the globe.

Precision : High precision will come from the technological characteristics of the system, as well as the number of satellites. From most locations, six to eight satellites will always be visible, allowing positions to be determined up to within a few centimetres.

Availability/Coverage : The high number of satellites will also improve the availability of the service in high rise cities, where buildings can obstruct signals from satellites that are low on the horizon. Thanks to the location and inclination of the satellites, Galileo will also achieve a better coverage at high latitudes than other systems. This will be particularly interesting for northern Europe, an area not well covered by GPS.

Reliability : An integrity function that will be part of the Safety-of-Life Service will inform the user within a few seconds of a failure of any of the satellites. In addition, the civilian nature of Galileo provides the guarantee to maintain an uninterrupted service. Given the already widespread use of satellite navigation, the implications of an interruption would be huge, jeopardising the efficient running of transport systems but also human safety.

With Galileo, Europe will be able to exploit the opportunities provided by satellite navigation to a much greater extent than currently possible. European receiver manufacturers, application providers and service operators will all benefit from novel business opportunities. European citizens will enjoy more and better applications as well as less traffic congestion and pollution, safer transports and more effective rescue operations. The availability of a European navigation system will also ensure that Europe does not need to rely on other regions, avoiding the economical, social and political risks inherent to such a dependency.

Independent surveys and market forecasting indicate that the expected value of the additional business in receivers, applications and services, of the additional revenues for the space industry and of the positive externalities in terms of public utility will amount to 90 billion euros between 2010 and 2027. This is far greater than the cost of building, operating and maintaining the system and does not take into account the monetary value of European independence in this economically-critical field.

Extract from EU Commission on Transport web site.

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The Charlatan - Pietro Longhi 1757

Clarke's Three Laws.

1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.

2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C Clarke - "Hazards of Prophecy: The Failure of Imagination", in Profiles of the Future (1962)


The Epistle of the Philosophic Fire.

I, John Pontanus, who have travelled into various realms and domains on my quest to know of a certainty what is the Philosophers' Stone, journeying through all parts of the world, found but false Philosophers and deceivers. Studying still, none the less, in the books of the Wise, and my doubts increasing, I discovered the truth: and yet, notwithstanding I had knowledge of the material, I erred two hundred times before finding the operation and practice of that true material.

I commenced first my operations with putrefactions of the Body of this material over a period of nine months but this came to naught. I placed it in thebain-made for lengthy periods, erring just the same. I took and placed it in the calcinating fire for three months and proceeded awry. All sorts and kinds of distillation and sublimation spoken of, or apparently spoken of by the Philosophers - Geber, Archelaus, and almost any other - have I attempted and tried, and found equally nothing. In brief, I tried to come at and perfect in every way conceivable the subject of all the Art of Alchemy, be this by manure, bathing, ashes, or the thousand other sorts of fife mentioned by the Philosophers in their works, but nothing did I discover of worth.

It was for this reason that I set myself to study the books of the Philosophers for three years continual, studying among others those of Hermes, whose brief words contain the whole magistry of the Stone; though he speaks quite obscurely of things above and below, of Heaven and of the Earth.

All one's application and care must then be only to know the correct practice in the first, second and third Works. It is not at all the fire of the bath, dung or ashes, nor any of the other fires of which the Philosophers sing or describe for us in their books.

What, then is this fire which perfects and achieves the entire Work, from beginning to end? Certainly all Philosophers have hidden it; but for myself, touched by a moment of pity, I would declare it and the achievement of the whole Work.

The Philosophers' Stone is unique, and one, but hidden and veiled in a multiplicity of different names, and before knowing it you will have seen much struggle: only with difficulty will you come to know it by your own genius. It is watery, airy, fiery and earthy, phlegmatic, choleric, sanguine and melancholy. It is a sulphur and equally Quick Silver.

It has several superfluities which I assure you by the living God, transform themselves into one unique Essence, if only there be our fire. And whoever - believing such to be necessary - would subtract anything from the subject, knows of a certainty nothing of Philosophy. For the superfluous, unclean, foul, scurvy, miry and, in general, entire substance of the subject, is perfected into one fixed spiritual body, by means of our fire. Which has never been revealed by the Wise, thus making it that but few succeed in this Art; imagining that some foul and unworthy thing must be separated out.

Now must one make appear, and draw out the properties of our fire; if it agree with our material in the way of which I have spoken, that is to say, if it be transmuted with the material. This fire burns the material not at all, nor separates anything from it, nor divides nor puts apart the parts pure and impure, as is told by all Philosophers, but converts the whole subject into purity. It does not sublime as Geber or Arnold and all others who have spoken of sublimation and distillation sublime. And it makes and perfects itself in little time.

This fire is mineral, equal and continual, and never evaporates unless over excited; it has certain of the characteristics of sulphur, is taken and originates elsewhere than in the material. It ruptures, dissolves, and congeals all things, and similarly congeals and calcinates; it is difficult to fmd by industry or by Art. This fire is the epitome and abridgement of the Work in its entirety, taking no other thing else, or very little, and this same fire introduces itself and is of mediocre heat; for with this little fire the whole Work is perfect, and all due and necessary sublimation achieved together.

Those who read Geber and all other Philosophers shall never come to an understanding of it though they live one hundred million years; for this fire may not be discovered but by the sole and profound meditation of the mind, following which one will understand the books, and not otherwise. Error in this Art, consists only in the acquisition of this fire, which converts the material into the Stone of the Wise.

Study, then, this fire, for had I myself found it at the first, I should not have erred two hundred times upon the veritable material. By which am I no longer surprised if so many come not to the accomplishment of the Work.

They err, have erred and will ever err, in that the Philosophers have placed their veritable agent in but one, single thing, which Artephius named, but speaking only for himself. Had I not read Artephius, nor penetrated and understood, never would I have arrived at the accomplishment of the Work.

Here, then, the practice: take the material with all dilligence, grind and pulverise it physically and place it in the fire, that is within the oven; but the degree and proportion of the fire must also be known. To wit, that the external fire excite only the material; and in a little time this fire, without that one put a hand to it in any manner, will assuredly realise the Work in its entirety. For it will purify, corrupt, engender and bring to perfection the whole work, making appear the three principal colours, the black, white and red. And by our fire the medicine will multiply, not only in quantity but also in virtue, if joined with the material in its raw state.

Search, therefore, this fire with all strength of your mind, and you shall reach the goal you have set yourself; for it is this that brings to completion all the stages of the Work, and is the key of all the Philosophers, which they have never revealed in their books. If you think well and deep upon this above-mentioned fire, you will know it. Not otherwise.

Thus, moved by a moment of pity, I have written this; but, and that I satisfy myself, as I made mention above, the fire is in no wise transmuted with the material. I wished to speak this and to warn well the prudent concerning these things, that they spend not in vain their money, but know in advance what it is that they seek and, by this means, arrive at the truth of the Art; not otherwise.

God keep thee.

16th C Manuscript, Bibliotheque Nationale N0 19,969. Trans' from French - Mike Dickman.

Cerreto di Spoleto


In Hawaiian, the word for “seed” (a symbol of the thought forms) is ano-ano. This word and its root, ano, give several meanings when translated. The following list of meanings taken from the Hawaiian dictionary will show how this word can be used as a symbol to cover much of the mechanism of creating and offering a thought form prayer.
1. “A solemn stillness. A sacred place.” (Note that this sacred place is the Aumakua to which the prayer is directed.)
2. “Expression of certainty of something doing or to be done.” (Note the faith indicated here.)
3. “Now, at this present time, immediately.” (Note the idea of the instant reaction of the Aumakua in answering the correctly made prayer.)
4. “Seed or seeds.” (Note: This is the basic symbol of thought forms in a prayer.)
5. (Root ano alone). “The meaning of a word or phrase. Likeness or image of a thing. The moral quality of an action, as good or evil, or the moral state of the heart. To change or transform. To change the external appearance. To set apart or consecrate for a special purpose. Doubt or fear.” (Note how these several meanings can indicate some phase of the making of the prayer thought forms. The guilt complexes are implicated in the “moral” element. The image of the thing or circumstances desired, is found in the thought form prayer, which is transformed or changed into the answer to prayer by the Aumakua. In making a prayer, the element of fear or doubt must always be present and can never be safely ignored, for if there is a thought form of doubt or fear mingled with the prayer inadvertently, it is a sowing on barren rocks or among thistles.)

Extracted from:

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If you dont know " jiddu krishnamurti" look him up, you would love him, he speaks only truth there is no independent or personal life, all life effects the other, all life depends off each other, all life is one... We beings are like parts of a whole, cells to a unite. The illusion of division comes from our ability to see a psychical separation, yet even this is an trick of perception, because we are all connected by the quantum field, and a degree of quantum entanglement, Capitalism - the wage slavery of immense humanity for the abstract process of capital accumulation and concentration in the hands of a few, a system of exploitation,poverty,destructi on Capitalism a calss minority imposition of political rule where lives are devalued distorted and dehumanised, only by sharing the Earth in cooperation for our common well being can there be true feelings and emotions of love compassion, solidarity and a community of humanity as ONE. that hair.... THIS IS NOT SCIENCE Then you are looking in the wrong fields. What I mean is that science is the systematic building of theories by testing. If you can't or don't test your theories then it is not science. Gregg is taking some well proven concepts and words from the fundamentals of physics and applying them to areas they have nothing to do with. As for the DNA experiment by Poponin, if this was a real experiment then why has no one else ever gotten the same results as him. THIS IS SPARTAAAA! The apostle Paul HIM we live and move and have being this is no new discovery this man is talking about. All of this is in scripture. LOVE LIFE-- HATE CAPITALISM Be Get Want :-) This web of life, field of intelligence,the Quantum physics is the ocean of pure and abstract potentials and for humanity to pursue and lead a path of war,poverty,exploitation,destr uction of our natural and animal diversity and variety and to be engulfed in the sea of fear,insecurity,alienation and feelings of powerlessness,hopelessness and inertia CANNOT be random or accidental. The evolving SOCIO-ECONOMIC structure is just a template of RULING MINORITY CLASS DOMINATION. @arzoyan What's your point? lillizajanae Braden......or Fegelein , as I call him. If we want to be free, we've got to be ourselves by living & not only existing... The role of human belief is so powerful! Indeed by changing our paradigm & expand our awearness, we shall shift our conscioussness and as Sir Braden mentionned; "We must feel the feeling as if the prayer has already been answered!" Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your reseach, experiments & also shedding this light & knowledge in this ocean of motion! "Namaste" AHAHAHAHAH that´s so funny! Of course Gregg Braden is the real Gregg Braden but I just had to make the joke - had to!! You know - Gregg Braden might really be Fegelein. If Hitler finds out they´ll make another Hitler parody and the whole world´ll know. Mr. Fegelein better fleethe USA and get another pseudonym , like Begg Graden , or Beggar Graden or something..... aaah.. I thumbs up'ed you in error buddy. methinks you totally misunderstand 'Mr Fegelein' as you call him. Get to do some homework ... some proper research before you jump to conclusions like this!! Wage slavery with the ideological conditioning of the illusion of freedom is the only way the Profit system can operate for any lenght of time, the recent technological innovations have been useful to manufacture consent in the interest of the ruling elite but the structural limitations and contradictions will inevitably lead many to see the spade for spade and hopefully organise ourselves for a world of harmony. That majority have been conditioned and manipulated for the Thank you so much Gregg this is so amazing. We live in a political economy of WAGE SLAVERY of immense humanity for the abstract process of concentration of wealth in the control of a few. Quantum physics confirms the ocean of possibillities as the ultimate truth and for us to live imposition of fear, insecurity, alienation and artficial limits to our true energetic vibration of harmony and creativity is THE HELL SOLD TO US AS FREEDOM. we need to transcend the domination of profit to the liberation of divinity of priceless life @arzoyan wow, you said a mouthful, and wouldn't it be amazing if we could ascend beyond our perceptual limits. unfortunately the masses have been dumbed down so much they won't be able to grasp this concept even though it's so basic in design. Spoilers: It's bullshit Thanks, looks like a good read Hmmm, having just seen Avatar last night, the whole interconnectedness/web of energy to draw on for healing, miracles and shared consciousness at the non-physical level . . .. things that make me go hmmmm. google LAW OF ONE Interesting idea, I don't think that's actually true but regardless, i would suggest that if you're reaching out with positive feelings, any negative entity would steer pretty clear of you. Love conquers all. Lol @ precisely/beer comment The thing i dont like about this is how he talks about feeling the feeling, and basically says open yourself up to spirits other than God. Demons come in all shapes and forms, especially ones that look good. All i would say is beware, if you start opening doors to the spiritual world, theres no doubt they'll come in. But theres no way of knowing who or what they really are. light creates shadow does it not theres only one spirit, many forms of that one, perhaps. If you like a demon is constructed by the self, perhaps dipcrap... Demons are a myth born out of the fear of the unknown. It's old Jewish superstition. Even Jesus NEVER affirmed to have removed a demon. He merely referred to demons in the language of the times so as to gain the understanding of the observers at that time. Open your mind, God is much more wonderful WITHOUT religion. @dangraphic I hear you man. Religion is a man-made entity, designed to manipulate the masses by guilt and fear..and get their money. Religion is a business and has nothing to do with God! OK, drink a beer every time he says "precisely." how about a sip? The teaaching of Quantum physics confirms that an ocean of possibilitis exist , for humanity to repeat the same pattern of wars,poverty,exploitation,envi ornmental destruction,animal cruelty, feelings of powerlessness,devaluation fear and misery to name just some ,there has to be some socio- energetic shut downs. We need to move fromPolitical Economy of production for profit to Divine Economy of collective cooperation for our common well being. You know determining what shell the electron is in doesn't mean people can read minds or there is life after death. You said it so beautifully!! this is the feeling of my heart! your wowed me! Peace and Love! : D my comment was directed at arzoyan about the teachings of Quantum and Divine economy.... beautiful! Hello guys, can anyone tell me where to find the script of this video? I'm not a native english speaker, so I need the script. please help me! x( Thank you in advance!!! Prophecy or prediction, was one of the functions of the prophet. It has been defined as a "miracle of knowledge, a declaration or description or representation of something future, beyond the power of human sagacity to foresee, discern, or conjecture The great prediction which runs like a golden thread through the whole contents of the Old Testament is that regarding the coming and work of the Messiah; and the great use of prophecy was to perpetuate faith in his coming, and to prepare the world for that event MATTHEW 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. It is getting increasingly difficult to deny the existence of a conscious and intelligent creator. If man is the highest form of intelligence, how is it that we do not fully understand our origins? Capitalism-the wage slavery of immense humanity through the politically manipulated market mechanism for the abstract process of accumulation and concentration of capital in the hands of a few- is an imposition of perpetual wars,poverty,exploitation,envi ornmental destructions, a system of deception and distortions of our true nature and potentials and possibilities for a world of cooperation for our common well being in harmony with our beautiful Earth. capitalism is evil . This is just great. Fantastic. The methods of bringing spirituality to the masses is getting sharper and more intuitve. Bravo! To my mind, this is good and real for all to see. For those who are hard-nosed, this is not as mystical and superstitious as it seems. In my opinion, it is an excellent form of psychology. It is when people confuse it with magical thinking that it becomes distorted and labeled as psuedoscience. Don't be too critical, it is more pragmatic than you think. great video,thank you :) ***** The essence of the science of miracles should be the true liberation of humanity from politically manipulated market mechanism where the immense humanity are wage slave, toiling needlessly for the abstract process of centralisation and accumulation of capital for the ruling elite. We need to transcend the limits of capitalism imposed on humanity. A WORLD OF COOPERATION FOR OUR COMMON WELL BEING IS THE TRUE SPIRITUAL HOME FOR HUMANITY . THIS VIDEO IS ON POINT WELL SPOKEN The really important thing to realise is quantum theory does NOT negate Newtonian science but rather expands the context in which it's understood. It is very likely there are more good reasons than bad reasons we interpret our world in the somewhat limited way we do. But that's not to say it has to be this way, or that we we're not able to evolve beyond this somewhat shallow perspective. It's not mind-over-matter - matter IS mind. Peace I wonder how many people used to say, The world is flat, the world is flat. There's no facts to this 'round' stuff. Look it up. NONE. ZERO. I don't know where they're getting their info. There's no evidence for being able to sail around the world because the world is round. That's a big pile of BS and you're another sucker for believing it. Hmmm. I wonder. how can one connect to this field? you are at all times ~ you can not, not be connected.... VonDutch, I think the starting point is knowing you are this field. If you want to become more powerful, you need to start deprogramming yourself of all the false propoganda that lead you (and us all) to believe what you thought, said and did didn't really matter. When you have made peace with the fact that the way You personally see the world is the actual driving force of Your world (and the most precious and important thing about it), you will start generating your own answers. Best wishes This is so beautiful, I can feel, see and hear the spiritual awakening that has begun. people are waking up! more and more people are watching videos like this one, more and more people are awakening and re-uniting with the source. we are very fortunate to be here indeed. peace love and power to you all. some seconds in I can feel it's beyond excellent thanks for sharing "We must feeling the feeling as if the prayer has already been answered" wise words so true. Imagine living the miracle and watch the miracles unfold. Namaste feeling the feeling feely? one too many *ings, - thanks for pointing that out.. :D As I "connect the dots", my life's evidence is pointing in the direction that "We must feel the feeling as if the prayer has already been answered" is a truism. I work as a computer programmer and with all the jobs being outsourced out of the country it's hard finding work. I had been out of work for an extended period of time and was becoming somewhat frustrated. I enjoy programming, and slipped into a phase of mentally feeling how much fun it is. Not long afterwards, I was offered a job! I'm feeling the love, i'm feeling the peace, it's a great day, a fantastic day. Good health, peace and love to all of you. Thank you, and I wish you love, light and happiness. Thanks for posting this - it's fantastic! Awesome film. I'll be a first-year physics major next year and I hope to get into the field of quantum physics someday. This guy has really inspired me. @GRLWHOLIKESFUNNYSHT look up marko rodin,jacques fresco,the venus project peace. Certainly interesting! WoW!!! The quantum hologram, The mind of God that knows us. How can anyone be negative. because they're not connected to it. It's always flowing with abundance and positive energy. The universe however, has both in it, and disconnected people feel negative, so, energy flows where attention goes. Negative thoughts and feelings create a life that's less than the greatness that it could be full of. why the f is he sitting on an empty train lol Some art director/film maker was looking for an interesting environment to film in. It is called art & and it is subjective. You don't have to like it. BUT you get to choose your idea of an ineresting location when you shoot your next film!! Can't wait to see what you choose! lol Haha! I was wondering the same thing. I wonder is he is human, well no matter he is sharing a lot of wisdom, so necessarily, especially during these times we are living. Very sad that many of the comments here are negative and dispel that an infinite world of possibilities could exist,. Goes to prove that the sheeple are sadly alive and well and only believe what science or the government tells them is possible or real! Most people don't realize that government funded science is 40-50 yrs advanced beyond the technologies we use today! ALL inventions are manifestations of the progressive mind challenging the world of beliefs and possibilities! Very true Jerrodswmhr. Very true. Most people have a limited belief system therefore, the consequence is that they limit any and all possibilities that could ncrease their awareness and raise their consciousness. The SHEEPLE eat corporate devitilized food, soda...They read the controlled media and ANYTING that challenges their belief system is totally discredited because the brotherhood of science or Washington does not endorse! Hail to the SHEEPLE. They scoffed at Tesla during his time and today THEY use ALL of his inventions. Everyone watch "Enemies of Reason" by Richard Dawkins. and if you want to know the TRUE MISING LINK . watch "The Genius of Charles Darwin" by Richard dawkins. Both available on youtube. No thank you , I would rather listen to spiritual wisdom and truth rather than scientific dogma! To obtain true spiritual wisdom, ít is - I strongly believe - necessary to listen and to experience more sides of an issue than just one. Your use of language - wisdom versus dogma - suggests a lack of openess. I'm sorry for you.... Comment removed by author And if anyone lacks open mindedness it's Dawkins ! Anyone who invests their emotions in someone whom they have never met and believes that they themselves can grasp that particular iindividuals knowledge and understanding of reality from a brief statement like "wisdom vs dogma", that to me suggests "a lack of openness." I am not sorry for you! Lol, has if religion is not FULL of dogmas, ahahahahahahah, get your story straight son. SPIRITUAL ! Not RELIGIOUS ! Can you not read ? My bad, and yes, i can read your language far much better than you can read mine, dont be a wise ass. Ok, "son" ! religion is also incomplete Cool . Peace to you to brother. @ invisioned34759 I always wonder why it is people like you take the time & spend the energy to attempt to criticize &/or debunk theories you don't subscribe to, or better yet, don't comprehend. What exactly do you get out of that? Do you believe humans are the only intelligent life in the Universe? What is your theory on how the Pyramids were built? Do you ever experience Creative thoughts? Are you aware of your own intuition? How do you explain deja vu? My point...Life is Mysterious! The pyramids were built using a type of cement. The blocks were poured, not cut out. Do a search for geopolymer and Davidovits; it's a fascinating story. Life is only mysterious until you figure it out. The only mystery that won't completely be solved is the love of God. But we can forever learn more about it, and appreciate it more and more. You obviously haven't been keeping up with the latest physics. Look up Nassim Haramein..Best physics paper of the year '09. Proving that the mass of the atom is the same as the mass of the universe & the center of the atom is a black hole. If your heart waves & brain waves are measureable at the EXACT same (phi)ratio that is holding these together when you are feeling compassion, why would they not have any effect on the reality they flow through? Why did the Shaman go to the Ley Line crossing (Energetic Vortex in the land) & Embed their feelings into them and cause rain? Or is that just a myth in your belief system ? s God an unproven thing? To some yes, has He been proven be scientific method? No. Some things are taken on faith. Have the existence of an afterlife or ghosts been proven by scientific method. No. People use what they think is science to prove the existence of spirits. Only loose evidence exists. I haven't watch this video so I can't comment on this. But things I believe because I have felt them, that's enough for me. Comment removed by author Guys, Theres thing that arnt true, Things that are true, and things that seem like the truth, fall in th category of superstition. All of you should watch Richard Dawkins documentary "Root of all evil" and "Enemy of Reason" They are both available on youtube, look it up. Dont believe this law of attraction gimick. No amount of objective scientific methods of measurement will ever explain a Purely subjective reality ! Comment removed by author Comment removed by author This is BS. Why do people keep going after the unproven irrational things, Why walk by faith when you can walk by evidence? Just because you can feel the feelings doesnt mean your going to recieve it. You still have to go thru the SCIENTIFIC method, of 1. determining what it is you want, 2, Determining what it is you have to do to get it or better said the price you have to pay, Theres no such thing as something for nothing. 3 . making a plan 4. Taking action on the plan Did you even watch these videos? He is quoting experiments performed using scientific method as the basis for his theorem. You may feel safe and smug in your empirical tower, but I think that it is arrogant to dismiss this research. If everyone had your attitude science would still be in the 17th century. Comment removed by author Very true, I am taking him on face value that he is not lying and making it up, assuming that he wants to keep his reputation intact. I have personally seen manifestations along the lines of his assertions, I have had a buddhist monk friend in another country call me up to ask me if I was OK after an incident that happened to me early that morning. he described what happened in very specific detail and said that he was concerned. I asked him how he knew about it, and he said "we felt it". I love Gregg Braden... He's trying to explain with science and Quantic Physics spiritual concepts humanity hasn't wanted to accept and understand I have a hard time believing this at all. I tried NLP and reprogramming my thoughts ala "The Secret" for months on end and nothing like that happened. Instead shit crumbled because it seemed I was hooked on a pipe dream. I want pure scientific proof. Let's see some one actually manifest it, prove it physically. Don't just say we researched it and its true. There experiments are controlled environments and manipulations. Let's see it IN REALITY, their OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. can understand where you are right now. I was there once. I qualified in and practise NLP, Hypnosis, EFT etc and much more. I still haven't fully changed my reality from one of being unwell, but the reality that I am now creating is one that is totally different from when I tried to kill myself 5 years ago. So when you say 'let's see it in REALITY, you will if you continue to suspend your disbelief and keep looking for what it is that you do want to see. Best wishes :-) If You do not see it then You are not ready to. The inner Teacher presents itself when the student is ready. Keep on Your path in expanding awareness and You will soon be ready for deliberate Creation. Peace to You... "The Knee of Listening" by Adi Da Samraj, "Autobiography of Sri Ramakrishna", Vivekenanda, there are so many great spiritual teachers who have proved it physically. :-) I personally suggest "The Knee of Listening", but there is a plethora of literature out there that might be helpful. So here I've given you the proof. It's up to you to manifest it. *smiles* He is a Scientist, clerlic. Only he is not the sort of ignorant Scientist that your mind has stereotyped. There are few Scientists in the world, there are even fewer true Scientists in the world - the ones that truly like at every issue from all angles. truly look** thank you for this videos!! I do Theta Healing every day by tapping into the energy field of infinite possibilities. I notice that few Theta Healers call it healing; instead they call it relaligning and rebalancing our energy. We are rapidly moving into a time when the extraordinary is becoming ordinary. I know this works due to reported results (unless someone is bent on holding into their old patterns) hi , please contact, leeave me amessageor an adress. Thank you. Very very interesting, thanks for sharing! its al true 2012 new age cant wait Please, what's the name of the russian scientist that performed this experiment? Popenus? Comment removed by author Poponin Thanks f anything, humans are co-creators. He is explaining a concept in a new way. A concept that has always been around. It is in your best interest to understand this concept, but not a must. In time you will see. We will ALL be in this realm until we ALL get it. Keep Shinning. He's clearly not a scientist. cleric Are you saying his CV is made up, or are you just in denial about his way of explaining things? He's not using the scientific method. He's using *A* scientific method. The people whose experiments his ideas are based upon are scientists who DO use the scientific method. But if you take into account the results of some of these experiments, (namely the principle that "observation affects reality") then the so-called "scientific method" can be flawed, and the results of experiments skewed, depending on who is observing these experiments. Miracles however are quantifiable, repeatable, and documented by the AMA. I believe their term for it is spontaneous healing. What do you call spontaneous death or illness then? Spontaneous death or illness would be as natural as leaves withering and dropping from the trees in autumn, as natural and inevitable as the birth or new blossoms in the spring. Only this "death", like that of people, is more illusion than literal: the spirit that is the spark of all life is eternal, and cannot end. There is only transformation, and no actual death. These are my personal beliefs.I hope this answers your question. So death and illness are natural things but healing is a miracle? this guy is chuck norris and jesus geneticly combined This philosohpical view is nothing new, as this guy so, um, boldly asserts. Just some more subjectivist machinations. Lots of "what if's", no real substance. Lot's of "suggests". Yup. We can't know anything, so why bother trying. skeptics like mandoflash will be the ones stuck here to deal with all the cataclysms,... It will be the ones who believe in a new paradigm, the ones who will get up and do something about it, who will move on into the next, higher, plane of consciousness. You must have unconditional love for everything that exists, including yourself, and they enemy. Peace, love, and light to all. Namaste Thanks again jedi87!! This is the most concise Braden video to date....great for sharing with others. Sincere thanks for your efforts and making these available! HOLY QUANTUM WORLD ROCKER! f twelve dimensions exist, as I believe, & we associate maybe with first thru fifth, & each gets more complicated, then we aren't evolved enough except through our emotion to realize our power source that causes us to influence life, maybe>
Let's give up the blame game and stop placing the responsibility on this government or the next, this country or the next. Let's stop giving up our power and wake up and recognize that we are not victims. Each individual has the power to improve the world. ... "Be the change that you want to see in the world." one word, Kabbalah... I wonder what would happen if they put a monkey or other mammal's DNA into vacuum to see if the photons would align themselves. The emotion of dna is not a military expirement. Dr Leonard Horowitz talks all the time about published medical reviews that laurates in scince have published about the energetic link to the true nature of DNA. The spiritual link gregg suggests is discribing how emotional energies (fast for energies and love and slow for fear). Effect how dna responds and works. Military suggestion is a bit off the mark. Its already published in medical review journals ect. like bruce lipton's where mind and matter meet, more than dr. L horowitz but all is well in life so peace love Lipton is great. Takes the science past the 12th dimension. Friend just graduated with a BS in chem w/minor in biology. One Lipton lecture summed all the stuff he spend years studying.He was quite facinated and intrigued by all the new age claims that were not taught in the established science.Tryed to debunk part of Bruce's lecture but after a long talk with me, he watched it again and was even more amazed at the parts he missed. Braden, Lipton, Haramein, Horowitz....=+) life is sweet!!!! I googled the military experiment and searched for it on every site that I could and i got zero reputable sources- I want to believe as much as everybody that this is true, but I just can't find any proof at all- The only sites it led me to were sites from sci-fi kooks who believe in the lost city of atlantis and in aliens controlling our lives.. I need to see the actual funding and planning of the actual experiment by the military and its results.. I'm asking because I want to believe it's tru I recommend using the basic principals in your very life and see the results. First hand experience is the best proof to decide if something works or not. Also, try to check Gregg Braden's website. Go to Resources - Technical References. Not all experiments are uploaded to the net. You should check some scientific journals. but aliens are controling our lives that is a misconception to distract you from the truth.which is???????????? we are all gods, and we create our reality! well, not really gods!,.,,,, but we create everything in this world... we create our lives and everything good, or everything bad in it....... so watch, bruce lipton where mind and matter meet,,,watch?v=IjJKsZGa4zM, abraham hicks,she is great, well spoken dr wayne dyer, and this guy as well as louise hay, and u will find others as well. peace love and truth yes i agree with your comment. Although the truth of "reality" is stranger than we can possiblly conceive. If we do our homework we will find evidence that there is alot of alien activity, good and ill going on in our planet and in human society. Believe me in not just a conspircy geek, i've had direct experience with our worldly beings, we just have to adjust our fequency levels, ie our conscious awareness. The more i know the more i realise how little i actually n peace to you also ook at bruce lipton where mind and matter meet welcome to your new reality, you are the creator, but just as any skill or trade, you need to get good at it study abraham hicks, dr. w. dyer, bruce lipton, louise hay, gregg braden, and others will appear, these are some of the easiest to understand and apply, but it will take some time ,,,,, all is well in your life,,,,, stress keeps you from everything you realize life is great, nevermind all the bs that is out there!!! Love you Greg my brother my father my son Does anybody know where I can find a reputable source for this military study on emotion on DNA? It sounds good and all, but without proof this is all just bullshit. It took exactly one second to google it. can you please give me a link to where there's proof to the military experiment? I found nothing on google, and every other site I know Comment removed by author my go away is for "lawerjudgesdestroy "i love Gregg and his message I guess even science cannot convince some people, but if what Greg is saying, then it doesn't matter as those who don't believe will eventually come around. Go away Please more videos....from doreen and gregg toghther or seperate... Zero Time Point- I think its called. Gregg did this video in 1996- it is mind-blowing - fairly technical, however you can feel it resonate within. Gregg is before his time- he truely bridges the gap between spiritual and physical science. Because youre an idiot and cant comprehend words more than 2 syllables Thank you very, very much for the vid!!! He's getting more amazing all the time! i have fallen head over heels in love with this man's mind. he's brilliant. thank you for posting all of these videos. peace & love~ The world is talking about this video .. It's ranked #1 at Tweble . com ... pretty cool. you could see what the world is talking about there. Thanks for posting this and for putting it in a playlist. Gregg Braden's approach is pure and realistic. I find it inspiring. very well explained. ~OnE*DrUm~*eVeRyOnE~ ys the ether. This is not crap at all - you just don't have a sufficient grasp of quantum physics - concepts like Stringtheory/M-theory, quantum entanglement, etc go a long way toward elucidating the scientific base to Braden's views. If i choose to believe you then in my reality you do have a unicorn. he uses the word "scientific evidence" a lot but where is this scientific evidence coming from? The thing is I think this guy has a point, but he needs to get it out more carefully and more fully The Universal Intelligence is a field of energy that permeates our every cell. Scientists know that cells divide and multiply however, they don't know how or why. Thank you Ahhhhhhh... yes! we are waking up we are waking up u feel it too whooooow in a few years when this info has sank in people will start to believe it fully as we do whooooow i can hardly wait world peace is coming one love man : ) Indeed. There is a Divine power and intelligence in every cell of the universe. Also our minds are creative and we make in the world what we think about. Peace. Thank you for making these talks by Gregg available. He's an amazing man. This was very interesting,. Peace & Prosperity... BR/The Ghost of Elvis Project CANADA Why did they film it through a letter box? hahahahaahahahahaha i dont know Thankyou very much for posting this.. Excellent knowledge. very helpful. love the "mullet" haha the firs few second sequence of the video is very powerful-the sky, the mountain, the net, people praying (talking to the net-the filed) and Gregg discribing it... Thanks, Jedi! Greg is Awesome, and so are you for posting! I agree! I just got "The Spontaneous Healing of Belief". I will be contemplating on it for the coming weeks. Gregg speaks the language I understand.-Thank you so much for posting this video! What he speaks of at about 02:40 I have been trying to explain to some of my friends for a few years. The "Scientific Method" might be influencing the reality by 'creating' "REALITY". When enough of 'us' "believed" in a certain theory, then it seemed to prove itself. And the famous problem of NEW QUESTIONS from 'answers' indicates 'we' always want more -- it's FUN! (Really, it is FUN to experience these different worlds 'WE' create!) Fascinating material. I find Gregg Braden so articulate, and for me, so right on. Great! Amazing! greg b. should look deep into Cyphometry,to present a perfect mathematical illustration of his ideas.Cyphometry is a sacred geometry that was discovered in the six days of creation of the book of genesis. What dreadful nonsense. I actually pity any of you that believe in this rubbish aha, remove that "non" / "no" and you are free from ignorance. what makes you think I'm ignorant? because I disagree with you? it was suggestion. it's not about your opinion or my opinion, it is about facts, you can live by not seeing sun, or you can remove the screen which obstructs from seeing sun.ignorance is saying "no" / "if" / "non" to the facts. like the sun rises and you can't see it. like fish who swims in the ocean and says "i don't see the ocean". Prof John Wheeler (quoted by Greg here) sadly died in June this year (2008) This science of miracles is just discovering the Truth of God's Mystery and His Creation. Truly, science is an outcome of explaining mysteries. Like, nothing is left when universe is deleted. This nothing is infinite empty space. This infinite empty space is Life Everlasting who created the universe within It (or God Himself). Cheeers! That field of energy is the living GOD,For those of you that dont believe in the word(JESUS),please seek the truth.... wont have to look far it will find you-there is a coming judgement on unbelievers. Thank you for posting. Namaste have just been doing a mediation for the Planet for the last 3 months and the image that was so very obvious after I called all beings in to assist and be present was this beautiful white light woven net that is around the Earth protecting and enlightening and empowering. Q: So is it not That everything that surrounds us is as it is.But,what is changing is when we change from the inside,in how we think and feel emotionaly.For example if you're feeling negative and your body shows that,people tend to react differently towards you because of your behaviour.Thay notice your body language and don't get me wrong I find what gregg is saying deeply intresting.just want to get a better understand of what is for sure happening in reality. I had heard that humans and all biological beings have on the surface of cell proteins that act as senders and receivers of signals. cells communicate with each other. you can communicate without being in visual contact with someone or pick up information. its like radio sort of that's very intresting,thanks for your reply.Would you say this would work if say your in one country the other person is in another country? Also CHECK OUT : (youtube) Bob Proctor - Try It On Everything Interview (Part 2). He talks more on what u mentioned. Happy soon to be christmas the experiment i had heard mentioned only had a cell sample in another room in the same building. that is not very far. One could extrapolate that another country could work as a sender/receiver distance. People have reported such incidents. But since no experiments have been done on it other factors could influence outcome that we are unaware of and the statement would be false Thank you so much for posting this....Gregg Braden is dead on, man. this is somthing i've kinda been thinking about recently... great stuff 5 stars nice videos! If humans were wiped off of this planet would the field still exist. yes, the field is all that is. Very good series. This is expressing something which I seemed to be learning intuitively. I find myself saying things I later look back at, not realizing how profound a thought it was. And how much more it seems I understood when I said it, only to find that I now see it much more clearly. Maybe it is written in the DNA of the fabric of all things, and it whispers at our deepest levels to become the thought we know it true when we hear it. hell yeah! you know we're all coming into our own. even if no-one had ever said anything about it we would still know. but Greg agreeing with it, with proof, helps.